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Prepare your tea with cannabis, shrooms, and herbs

You may have a habit of drinking tea every morning. The hot beverage can make you feel refreshed. However, tea leaves are not the only ingredients to prepare this beverage. You may add some beneficial herbs to your tea. You will get the best taste by adding cannabis, shrooms, and herbs, like Ayahuasca. These ingredients will make your tea healthier.

Make your tea with cannabis-

It is a trend to buy cannabis seeds and grow plants in gardens.  As you have started growing cannabis, it is easy to infuse the tea with this weed. One gram of cannabis contains about 10% of THC. However, your steeping time can make a difference in the strength. You can use cannabis stems, leaves, and buds, to prepare the tea. You will feel the effect after 30 to 90 minutes of drinking the tea. The effect will continue for about 4 hours. You can relieve your pain, maintain your heart health, and treat your lung disorder by drinking cannabis tea every day.

Grow cannabis in your garden to ensure easy availability of the weed. You can buy autoflower seeds for cultivation.


Brew your herbal tea with Ayahuasca-

It is not easy to prepare Ayahuasca tea, as you may need hours to brew the drink. The ancient tea has psychoactive properties and is potential to heal different disorders. You have to consume it in a small dosage. You need the leaves of a shrub, Psychotria viridis to prepare the tea.

Ayahuasca plant has a monoamine oxidase inhibitor. That is why you must not take it with prescription medicines.

In the ancient age, the drink had religious and spiritual uses. Thus, it is known as one of the sacred beverages. But, now, it is highly useful for taking you out of the past traumas. Thus, you can buy Ayahuasca Australia and prepare the beverage.

Prepare mushroom tea every morning-

The properly brewed mushroom tea can alleviate symptoms, like vomiting and nausea. You can choose mushrooms, like Liberty Caps, for this purpose. Mushroom tea will make your immunity stronger and help in fighting against cancer. Moreover, you can maintain your blood pressure with the regular consumption of this tea. Keep yourself energized with mushroom tea. The unique aroma will give you the best sensation. With 3 to 5 grams of mushrooms, you have to add 2 cups of water. You may also use lemon sap and ginger slices for your tea.

You can try out these herbal tea recipes every day. You will have better health for these drinks.

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